We love to worship God.  This is more than just an event on Sunday morning – it is a lifestyle. God created each of us to live in a close personal relationship with Him and to spend our lives basking in His love and loving Him back.  God invites us to live in constant awareness of His presence in our lives, leading us and directing us and loving us always.
Each Sunday morning at 10am we meet and worship together as the culmination of our individual worship throughout the week.
We focus on God with expressions of thankfulness and praise.  We worship His greatness and His perfect character.  
And God ministers to us as we worship.  He walks with us in the painful situations we experience in this broken world.  
Our corporate worship is a beautiful blending of traditional and contemporary music.  Each Sunday the worship is led by a team of musicians who play and lead out of hearts that are seeking God. We invite everyone as we worship to stand or sit or kneel – whatever you feel God is prompting you to do. 
We practice the observance of the Lord’s Supper every week.  As the communion is passed we invite all followers of Christ to participate as it is passed.
We take an offering every Sunday.  This is seen as a vital expression of worship as a thank you to God for all that He has done for us and all that He continually blesses our lives with.  
Each Sunday our pastor, Brian Lindquist, shares with us a Biblically based and applicable message which you’ll find both mentally challenging as well as convicting and an encouragement to keep growing in your relationship with God. At the close of Brian’s messages we often offer an invitation time which is an opportunity for you to come forward and either commit your life to Jesus Christ, place your membership with us or ask the congregation to pray for you.