Ask a Pastor: Jason

What Does God Say About Depression
Pastor JP shares his story of battling depression, what it feels like, and what God does while in the midst of the darkness.
Depression is a painful journey of ups and downs. And you may be feeling worthless, and that God has made a mistake. 
Hear this: God can bring you out of that darkness and give you purpose and a calling for your life.
The Beat by Allen Par

How to Deal With Depression
What are some of the main triggers of depression and what are some practical ways we can overcome it?
Please do not feel shame because you are struggling with depression.  Forty million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population struggle with depression every year.
You are not alone.
Time of Grace Ministry

God Directs His Love to You
This message looks to the psalms to hopefully resonate with you when you are “down and out” and remind you of how God walks with you when you are in the darkest valleys.
You may feel alone and abandoned but God sees you.  The writer of Psalm 42 was struggling with depression and sadness.  He experienced God’s love and writes these words: “By day the Lord directs his love towards me, by night his song is with me.”
Rick Warren

Pastor Rick has a message for you.
If you have ever struggled with depression or suicide,, the pain you are experiencing will not last forever. There is hope!
If you are thinking about suicide you can get help. 
Call this number: 1-800-273-TALK(8255) 
Nation Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
TEXT MN to 741741
Suicide Prevention Resource Center:
Click for more…
Louie Giglio

I’m Not Okay…but Jesus is
YOU are not crazy; God does not create crazy. You are God’s handiwork. Psalm 139 wonderfully and perfectly created…
Confessing and bringing Jesus into the dark gives a glimmer of light that comes crashing into the blackout of depression.
Ask a Pastor: Justin

What Do I Do With My Pain?
Pastor Justin responds to the issue of pain that people are dealing with. How do we deal with pain? How do we overcome it? 
Get involved in a community that loves God and loves people.