Brian’s Blog


I’ve just finished being majorly surprised twice in the span of 3 days.
Last Friday night I was surprised with a family and friends birthday party for my 60th birthday. It was a great time and pictures of my face immersed in flames and smoke of 60 candles is out on Facebook. Then yesterday, at the close of the worship service, I was surprised once again with an all church celebration and cake for my 60th
birthday. And once again it was great to fellowship and laugh with so many great friends. After all this focus on my advancing age, it was relief to get carded at my son’s band concert last night. It made me think that maybe I’m not looking that old, although I’m sure the reality is that they card everyone (but for the moment I’ll just assume it’s because I look so young).

A Garden of Thanksgiving

This past Sunday our worship leader, Connie, focused our attention on developing hearts of gratitude.  We are instructed in Scripture to “give thanks always”.  As we came into the church building that day we were each given a plastic spoon with a blank sticky note on it.  Connie encouraged us to write things that we are thankful for and as we came up for communion to plant our gift of thanks into one of the pots of dirt provided.  The result was 76 “plants of thanksgiving” and a whopping total of 606 specific items of thankfulness!!!!  What an awesome gift of worship we were able to offer up to God that day.  My encouragement, don’t let it stop here.  Every day and in every situation we have the opportunity to plant another gift of thanksgiving.